Friday, 16 December 2011

Free International Calling - Use Google Voice to save your Mobile minutes

As Google slowly roll call Google Voice, we are busy figuring out how to make best use of the service is great. We have already discussed how you can use Google Voice on your iPhone. Today, we discuss the best way to save precious cell phone minutes you use Google Voice.

Please note that this is only relevant to U.S. consumers as a carrier in the "forward" like a feather States of their customers left, right and center to use their mobile phones. For example, U.S. consumers get a "prince" and 450 minutes for $ 40 (taxes and fees not included) per month and the minutes are used both to make and receive calls, so it is very expensive affair.

If you are sick eating your cell phone minutes, then Google Voice can provide assistance. Some carriers allow you to make unlimited free calls to a limited set of numbers (pre-determined) on the network as part of the plan. For example, Verizon Wireless offers Friends and Family, where you can dial up to 5 or 10 numbers on any network and talk as long as you want. Sprint offers the Select option 3, T-Mobile MyFaves. Unfortunately! Nothing of which are comparable to AT & T Consumer. This plan also allows incoming calls from this number is limited, too. Check with your carrier if they have something similar.

What you need to do is sign up for one of these plans. Record your Google Voice number as a contact in the plan. You can then use Google Voice to make unlimited free calls from UK or any where in the world to the Canada and USA. And since you registered your Google Voice number as one of the favorite numbers, you will not lose minutes on this call. Please note that you must set the caller ID to become Google Voice number and not the caller's number (which is a little inconvenience to save your minutes - I'm sure you do not mind). For all of us, constantly hungry cell phone minutes, it's a nice ride to save some serious money. You can use this trick to get unlimited minutes on your cell phone plan.

You can use the Google Voice website to initiate the call or you can use your phone to use Google Voice. This tip is adapted from the tip mentioned in another forum.

No more checking your cell phone minutes! So there you go, another reason, you should use a Google Voice or should visit this


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