Monday, 26 December 2011

How To Make Free Or Cheap Calls To Pakistan At 2 Cents Per Minute

Pakistan is now more expensive to call than ever. Pick up the phone and start free international calling all your friends and family for just 2 cents per minute.

Localphone announced a new type of reference to 2 cents by Pakistan. You can call any landline or mobile number in Pakistan only 2 cents. This must be one of the cheapest rates available for most calls to Pakistan. Localphone with clear call quality, this offer is unbeatable.

If you still need an introduction to how the work Localphone to make cheap or free calls to Pakistan, here's a quick guide.

1) You can use your PC Localphone. You can download their softphone or through SIP settings in your SIP softphone. If you are a novice user, I strongly suggest your softphone and also stores the history of contacts.

2) Localphone also allows you to get a local number in your country for each contact. Once you call the local number, which will automatically connect to your destination number. No pins to remember more stupid. Simply store this number in your contact book or mobile. It will also save money because you call a local number in your country instead of paying a high fashion or international number.

3) You can use a phone card Localphone wherever you go. How many VoIP providers offer this service? Traveling in the United States no problem Just go to the option of calling card and change the united states will be given a phone number for a new card and PIN Gateway can be used in the United States. This is just great and has a person like me who is always moving.

4) You can also use the SMS Localphone save money. The SMS service is at least 70% cheaper than your mobile operator.

Do not delay and do not be fooled by promises of fat from other VoIP operators who try to sneak in connection fees (Betamax) calls or provide a lower quality for the sake of cheaper rates.

This is your chance to pass Localphone now and you know what, being a reader of VOIP Guide, you already qualify for free minutes, just enter the Localphone and charge $ 1 (use the coupon code: VGFREE any extra credit), you will receive $ 1.50 credit applied to your account for free.


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