Thursday, 22 December 2011

Now Google Offering Free Calls from Santa On this Christmas

Google happy little elves have been busy. First our screens become a winter haven Easter eggs, "Let It Snow" and is now called Santa Claus gives us.

Over the holidays, you can send a video or international call or visit from old St. Nick Send free calls from Santa Claus and answer a few simple (and stupid) questions.

Issues ranging from what the receiver wants for Christmas (the answers are a "badger" sweet cable package "and a" couple of jeggings ") and what Santa Claus should call the recipient of" Smarty Pants Schmoopie. "

There are enough options to choose from that allow you to customize your message for Santa Claus to make it more personal and fun.When finished, you will be offered the option to call or send a video message. If you choose video, you can send the message recipient Santa by Gmail or Google +. If you choose to call, just to display your phone number and number.

Who says you're too old to talk to Santa Claus? Google! Why not give it a try and see what days you can light a virtual tour of at least Santa Claus!


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