Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dingaling: Free internet calling | iPhone | Blackberry: Free Trial Calls

Dingaling is a free International calling to offer low cost call rates. It is not just cheap calls, free calls worldwide to offer. Easy to use completely free of sound. Calls clearly set out the quality of VoIP calls between users of this service. However, this times to share something really different for VoIP readers on my blog. What is different? Can not guess? Very cheap rates for different countries? Without doubt, this is always, I'm not calling this service, this time to share the free minutes provided to customers of Android with the iPhone. Android users will not like, you can enjoy free minutes and iPhone users to call 100 and have 50 minutes free world. Rates: No hidden fees or software installation. You can follow all calls.

  1. iPhone and Android users, run the application on the Dingaling mobile phone to download the application.

  1. Like other VoIP services are registered to your account first. You are registering from its official website. You can make free calls to 10 minutes, even if it is not registered.

  1. Please just fill out the required information. They ask the destination telephone number and your phone number

That's it. Here, briefly, what you can get for free wanted a few minutes. And you have an iPhone, if you want to enjoy free minutes, the calculations are a good alternative for you. Calls, 3G Wi - Fi are made using a. You can use the contact list on your iPhone or Android phone to make calls easily using the Dingaling.

Dingaling VoIP calls to try the service free minutes on my site here www.dingaling.ca or you want to make Free Calls From UK just visit this website www.inclusiveinternationalcalls.com/


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