Thursday, 26 April 2012

Free International Calls from UK Mobile to 100 countries

What if you make free international calls for just a text message from your UK mobile phone? If possible, a great comfort to you will be. This can be called more than 50 destinations. I call instead of free calls, you pay $ 10 per month for this service but it's not many who will look after you. We all know that calling abroad is very expensive, but after trying this. Ready to go for it? Get the phone from his pocket and do the following:
·         Test this word “JD7” from UK mobile to 81020.
·         In return you will receive a text message. Basically it is compliant by you that you would like to participate with this service. This is the reason you have to send them an SMS. Respond only with “AGREE”.
·         You get on your second SMS access number. Do not let the assumption panic saying that there is a list of SMS can still be heard. This will be the last. And finally you will be billed $ 10. You should know before you for this service, that you comply with a credit of $ 10.
·         You can now continue further discussion.
·         Check other destinations too


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