Thursday, 5 July 2012

JustCall Provider of Cheap Calls to Help Save Costs Football Fans During Euro 2012 Mobile base UK cheap calls provider are reaching all football fans in the light of the current Euro 2012 Football Championship - offering cheap international calls to anywhere in the world from any landline phone in the UK or phone. Connecting the viewers at home to the center of the action in Poland and Ukraine.
Keeping in touch with friends and family who are in the European Championship could not be easier and cheaper, with the offer of more than 300 access codes that allow UK consumers and businesses to make cheap international calls at a discount rate greatly from any UK landline or mobile. Especially with Ukraine unless the EU and therefore not included within the last EU regulations that have reduced roaming mobile roaming costs. Even more vital than ever to avoid being caught and to refrain from calling others and using a large amount of data while abroad, therefore, consider getting other people to have access to cheaper alternatives back home in the UK to contact you.
JustCall A spokesman commented, stating why the fans should be careful while abroad:
"UK mobile phones are not protected by price caps outside the European Union, which can lead to a big surprise on his return home - so remember to be careful to make calls and use data for a journey through Ukraine and the rest of the EU, although the price for call and text charges are reduced still much higher than back home."
Access numbers provided by allow cheap calls to Poland from as little as 1p per minute from any landline or mobile in the UK. Cheap calls to Ukraine, 7p cost per minute from any phone in the UK and 11p per minute from a UK mobile phone. It is vital to remember that these calls discount can only be accessed if calling from the UK and elsewhere around the world.
The spokesperson continues, "The use of our access codes cannot be simpler and does not include the hidden costs or subscription. The tournament lasts less than a month and we are proud to offer calls can help reduce the distance between your friends and family visiting the host cities during this period. "
About JustCall: is an online telephone directory that provides dialing access codes directly reducing the cost of making international calls. Providing cheap international calls to almost 300 countries with cheap calls to India, South Africa, Germany, France, Italy and many more.
What makes it great service is to be charged for the call for their current service provider interest in the list of our access numbers are used. Therefore, you can use the service at any time you choose, without going through the records or subscriptions!
·         No registration, no subscription, no bills, no credit cards
·         No daily maintenance costs Most Wanted
·         No more credit cards lost by not depleted
·         One need look no rate changes
·         No more misleading posters offering utopian minutes you will never get anyway.
Instead JustCall offers you cheap international calls all day every day.
Contact JustCall:
Just Call/ WaveCrest,
1st Floor,
Bishopsgate Court,
4-12 Norton Folgate,
London E1 6DB
Enquiries: 0870 801 7800


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