Monday, 4 February 2013

Free voice calls through BlackBerry’s BBM blocked if app updated in UAE

BlackBerry free BBM voice calls blocked always have been in the United Arab Emirates about the software in the country updated will, but which is the beta version still can call for free.
Research in motion introduced an upgrade BlackBerry released the beta version of the voice phone support on November 14, 2012 and a few weeks later to make calls to other BBM customers, if you are on a Wi-Fi connection.
Users in the UAE, which released the update downloaded on December 11, 2012, said their services blocked, and they are not able, free Messenger calls. But many of them still the beta version to use, said that their services were not affected. "I just calling my sister in the United States made BBM voice use," Anita Prabhu said on Monday.
Now that 10 users around the world capable of BlackBerry, free calls use the Messenger service turned out, even if outside their Wi-Fi network.
Menu "Settings" of the new operating system BB10 clearly shows the feature that allows users to enable voice calls while using the cellular service.
Users can use the new feature between talk and SMS switch at will. In addition, multitasking split-screen, where users can use E-mail and other features on the Smartphone.
According to RIM, the function of particular importance for consumers, especially in emerging markets will be.
"The new BBM-voice feature is for, if you travel and home to call without worrying about call charges would." It is for, if you have messages that you have cannot wait for quickly explaining complicated details and cooperation to share with colleagues. If your ideas for text are too big, the BBM voice, "says T A McCann, Vice President of BBM and social communities on the edge.
Who has developer; UAE with the BB10 Alpha device and who used this facility says until recently, however, that he does not feature on its new operating system to use, especially after the last update.
BBM voice features include:
Customers can go directly to initiate a voice call BBM or instantly switch from BBM text chat speak and back again.
The split-screen function can reach customers and so, for example, they can send a picture text at the same time, their contact at talking to him at the same time. You can also check other BBM text chats, emails or navigate to other apps while you engaged on a voice call BBM.
BBM has a Visual indicator that shows whether the contact for a voice call is available.
BBM voice is compatible with any accessory that a customer has now for making voice calls on its BlackBerry Smartphone, such as Bluetooth or a wired headset. Customers can also BBM voice about their BlackBerry Smartphone hands free.
If there is no good time to talk, SMS customers can back to respond.


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